10 reasons to visit Gran Canaria

  1. Sun, sun and more sun: Those who think that winter is endless have not visited Gran Canaria. With mild temperatures all year round, good weather during your visit is almost guaranteed. Without going any further, the island’s capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is considered one of the cities with the best weather in the world.
  2. Beaches, sea and water sports: Imagine all that the 236 kilometers of coastline can offer. The leisure possibilities multiply. The water temperature (between 18 degrees in winter and 22 degrees the rest of the year), and the wind, makes it possible to practice water sports all twelve months. There are perfect areas for windsurfing or kitesurfing. The island is in fact the base station for the best windsurfers in the world.
  3. Biosphere Reserve: A large part of the island was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by Unesco. Gran Canaria has a different flora and fauna, the Macaronesia. A natural world that together with the altitude of the island, and the abruptness of the relief, make possible a multitude of microclimates and habitats. Sometimes you will have the feeling of being on Mars. On the other hand, in other places the vegetation is abundant. The beauty of the island is one of the main reasons to visit Gran Canaria.
  4. Culture: Cities and towns with more than 500 years of history, with colonial-flavored architecture and centuries-old traditions, mark the identity of this Canary Island. An island that has always been a crossroads and, therefore, a place of passage for other cultures.
  5. Savoring the island: It goes without saying that gastronomy is another point in favor of Gran Canaria. Starting with an aperitif, the enyesques, passing through a good dish, such as a watercress stew or a fresh sea bream accompanied by its mythical papa arrugás.
  6. Stays to your liking: Whether it is a trip with the family, as a couple, or with all your friends, you will always find a suitable accommodation in Gran Canaria. From hotels with dream views, luxury urban hotels, private villas or rural stays. A wide range of hotels at your disposal.
  7. Shopping without VAT: If you travel to the Canary Islands you can benefit from a low taxation on your purchases. Therefore, shopping tourism is another advantage. In addition, we recommend that you get to know all the handicrafts of Gran Canaria.
  8. Get active on your vacations: In Gran Canaria you can go hiking, horseback riding or rural tourism. Of course, we recommend that you also organize some days for sightseeing on the island. Thanks to the free audio guides, you will get to know the towns and cities in depth.
  9. Well-deserved rest: If you are looking for the opposite of the previous point, you have a wide range of Spa and Wellness centers. In addition to the centers, the pleasure of watching the sunset from Maspalomas provides a unique dose of vitamins and relaxation.
  10. Nightlife and parties: Another reason to visit Gran Canaria is its partying. Throughout the year the nightlife is lively on the island. Besides the famous carnivals that take place in February, the warm nights in Gran Canaria are filled with shows and good atmosphere the rest of the year.

Text taken from: https://www.halconviajes.com