5 Benefits of Rural Retreats

Whatever the season, there’s no better place to holiday than in the great outdoors. Uncover the simple benefits of rural retreats, especially those that are close to home.

Our Glamping and Holiday Home industry partners are currently reporting an influx of bookings to self catered, rural accommodation, and it’s really no surprise. The benefits of choosing a rural retreat are plentiful.

Belle Tout Lighthouse, East Sussex
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Read on to discover our top five benefits of rural retreats and our favourite locations to enjoy a rustic holiday in style.

1. Isolation

Most rural retreats, from woodlands and forests to remote coastlines, are fairly isolated choices. This means tons of added benefits including outdoor space that you won’t need to share and self contained facilities, all to yourself.

Choosing the best remote spots to holiday isn’t easy.

Rural Retreats at Ravendere Treehouse, Devon
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What’s your favourite thing about rural retreats?

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2. Reset + Recharge

Creating the space to fully reset and recharge has never been more important. Rural retreats help you and your loved ones avoid your day-to-day stressors and reduce your overall stress levels too.

Homestead, California
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On a rural retreat, you can opt for zero screen time and focus on self care. There are even locations on offer with no internet connection at all for those of us who are really serious about recharging the batteries.

3. Eco Friendly

Rural retreats afford the opportunity to avoid long haul travel. More often than not, we don’t need to journey very far to find ourselves in nature. Therefore, you can say no to the plane, saving you precious holiday time and helping cut CO2 emissions too.

Rural Retreats at Pan Treetop Cabins, Norway
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These eco friendly retreats near you are perfect for responsible travellers.

Rural and local holidays are also eco friendly in other ways too. For example, enjoy delicious local produce and show support for local business in nearby markets, shops and restaurants.

When it comes to retreats with excellent local food specifically, you’ll receive a complimentary English hamper when you book a stay at The Buzzardry or you can enjoy cooking local produce on this Kamado BBQ when you visit Malvern Hills Lodge.

Rural Retreats at Malvern Hills Lodge, Worcestershire
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Looking for more eco friendly travel ideas? You may also like these plastic free travel products for your rural retreat.

4. In Nature

Spending time in nature is really great for our health. Stretch your legs on local walks or hikes, re-balance emotions amongst the trees or waves, and escape your worries and anxieties by taking a proper break from life’s relentless pace.

Rural retreats also allow us to re-align with the seasons and our internal body clock. Ditch the mechanical alarm and wake with the sun, or learn something new, like how to forage local berries.

Rural Retreats at By The Wye, Wales
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Take your pick from the most transformative retreats in nature, including awe-inspiring treehouse holidays in stunning locations.

5. Romance

Our favourite benefit of rural retreats is the opportunity to reconnect with romance. Being away from all the external noise provides one-on-one time with your significant other in special and memorable locations. On a rural retreat, it’s easier to devote quality time to your partner whilst also enjoying the undivided attention you deserve.

Rural Retreats at The Buzzardry, East Sussex
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If you’re celebrating a special occasion, we highly recommend you book a luxury rural retreat option. Many romantic, rural properties will help you organise a variety of special touches, making your stay as memorable as possible.

Floathouse, Cornwall
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Your perfect retreat could involve properties by the sea or a spot of forest glamping. Regardless of your preference, there’s never been a more welcomed time to disconnect from the world to restore your sense of self.

Text taken from: https://transformmetravel.com