5 Best Family Things to Do in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is filled with leisure options and marvellous beaches, but don’t miss the many family-friendly plans that take you closer to nature and the origins of the Canary Islands. We have selected these plans, especially designed for those visitors who want to experience unforgettable moments on their family holidays.

Visit the Lomo de los Gatos archaeological site

A fascinating archaeological site just a few metres from Puerto de Mogán

The Lomo de los Gatos archaeological site sits on a 1,600-year-old indigenous settlement and is part of Gran Canaria’s exceptional archaeological heritage. It’s located next to Mogán beach, so you don’t need to go too far from the island’s tourist centres to see it. It comprises a dozen or so indigenous houses alongside houses from the 15th century, as well as other more recent buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Another site of great value is the Las Crucecitas indigenous cemetery where you can see graves, cists, caves and tumuli. The site features information panels, footpaths, access ramps and a cafeteria. It can be visited independently or with a guide.

Location: 10, Calle la Pintilla, 8, 35139 Lomo Quiebre, Las Palmas, Spain
Open: Tuesday–Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm (closed on Mondays)
Phone: +34 638 81 06 21

Admire Veneguera’s Rainbow Rocks

Landscapes transformed by natural phenomena

Veneguera’s Rainbow Rocks is a must-see if you love geology, the natural world and photography. Take the GC-200 to Veneguera, a narrow, winding mountain road with lookout points every few metres from which you can admire this arid, rugged landscape. Although it might first appear monotonous, it nevertheless has an exceptional beauty if you look for it. Erosion has revealed ignimbrites formed after the explosion of the Tejeda volcano, staining the mountainside with blues, greens, reds and ochres, as if these were ceramic tiles (the Spanish name for this place, Azulejos de Veneguera, refers to this similarity). During the rainy season, the waters that fall into the Barranco del Medio ravine, very near Los Azulejos, form natural pools tinged blue as a result of the same phenomenon. These are known as the Charcos Azules – the Blue Pools.

Location: GC-200, 35149 Mogán, Las Palmas, Spain

Travel in a yellow submarine in Mogán

Explore the lost world of Atlantis in a real submarine

Atlantida Submarine in Mogán allows you the rare opportunity to go aboard a real submarine, the Golden Shark, and explore the ocean at a depth of 25 metres. Although it is a great experience in itself, it becomes even more interesting when you realise that you will be exploring the La Atlantida Submarine Park for a whole 40 minutes. This is an artificial reef made up of sculptures that recreate the ruins of the mythical Atlantis, designed as a seabed regeneration project with a view to recovering native species. A real ‘2-for-1’ deal, don’t you think?

Location: Puerto de Mogán, s/n, 35138 Mogán, Las Palmas, Spain
Open: Daily from 10 am to 5 pm
Phone: +34 928 56 51 08

Sail in a catamaran off the coast of Puerto de Mogán

A complete experience on board a catamaran

Setting sail on a catamaran gives you the chance to observe the coastal landscape, with a good probability that you will also spot dolphins, flying fish and sea turtles. A number of water leisure companies offer 4-hour ocean excursions on board a modern catamaran. Traditional Canary Island cuisine is served on board, and there is a free bar as well as fun on an inflatable banana boat and all the equipment you need to go snorkelling in a specially-chosen part of the island. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also take advantage of a 50% discount on the price of other water sports, such as parasailing and jet skiing.

Location: Playa de Mogán, 35138 Mogán, Las Palmas, Spain
Open: Two departures daily: at 11 am and at 3:30 pm
Phone: +34 640 57 96 09

The Arteara necropolis

Discover what’s hidden among this sea of stones

The Arteara necropolis lies etween the Amurga and Fataga massifs, very near a splendid palm grove and amidst a rough and barren landscape resulting from an avalanche. Here, there are approximately a thousand tumuli used for both individual and group burials. As you will see, this is a brutal, imposing setting, even more so if you know anything of the lives and deaths of Gran Canaria’s original inhabitants. Visit the Interpretation Centre and the whole of the necropolis to ensure you do not miss the ‘King’s Tumulus’ and find out what happens there during the equinox. There are also guided tours of the site and special workshops.

Location: Diseminado, 22, 35108 Arteara, Las Palmas, Spain
Open: Tuesday–Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm (closed on Mondays)
Phone: + 34 638 81 05 91

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