How rural houses can help us improve our memory

Access to services, transport, technologies… employment opportunities, are some of the advantages of living in the city. Although it is beneficial, many times we forget something very important: nature. That greenery that does our brain so good and that we often don’t take advantage of. Precisely here, it is where the rural houses come in and the opportunity to get closer to it.

Now that we are in summer, why not choose to vacation in rural houses? If you want to get away from the massiveness, fuss and stress of living in the city, this is undoubtedly a good option. Well, by getting closer to nature and all that it includes, we can improve our cognition and memory. In this article, we explain why.

Human beings are designed to interpret the signals of nature.

You have probably ever experienced the benefits of nature. Above all, that feeling of peace, tranquility and injection of energy that renews us, things that sometimes we miss out on by living in the city. Luckily, rural houses can be that alternative that we need so much to revive ourselves. After all, human beings are designed to be in contact with nature.

In a way, we are part of it. Hence, the reason why it is so good for our brain to visit the fields and rural areas. Although we cannot speak the same language as other living things, we are designed to interpret what they tell us. For this reason, the sound of the sea or the flow of a river, instead of stressing us out, relaxes us. Well, our nature is to live surrounded by mother earth.

Rural houses: a means to improve our care

As is known, the rural houses are in fields, away from city traffic, incessant lights and other stressful factors. So, by being in contact with nature, not only our stress levels drop, our brain rests. This escape causes our mind to recover from the daily hustle and bustle, while our attention improves, as our senses sharpen.

Studies have shown that contact with nature improves our attention span and executive skills. For this reason, it is recommended to walk through the forest, the beach or the mountains, at least for an hour. Perhaps in some cities it cannot be done comfortably, but that is what rural houses are for. They offer us the opportunity to contemplate the sunsets, the birds… and the butterflies more closely.

neural stimulation

The simple fact of smelling a flower, watching a sunset or simply listening to the song of a bird causes us positive feelings. Although it may not seem like it, those sensations are stored in our memory. Therefore, we can turn to them when we need them. Obviously, getting away from the city and opting for rural houses is a way to stimulate our neurons and improve our cognition.

Greater vitality and better mental health

Although it may not seem like it, living in cities accelerates our aging, simply because of the negative effects that stress brings to our lives. Now, if you decide to spend a weekend, vacation period or simply live in a rural house, you will cushion those negative aspects. Well, you get more vitality and better mental health.

How do these effects manifest themselves? In fewer cases of anxiety, depression, migraines, cardiovascular disease, asthma and other conditions. Sometimes we think that the causes of these ills are other, although it may be true, little contact with nature also influences. Well, by inhibiting ourselves from it, we make it from our natural habitat. In effect, we do not function properly.

Contact with the field fosters creativity

Unquestionably, Mother Earth changes our mood in a matter of minutes. Because it helps slow your heart rate, reduce stress, and even make you more creative. For this reason, in many cultures, such as the Japanese, they use contemplative immersion in nature to stimulate our brain. That implies from a walk through the woods to listening to the birdsong in the patio of our house.

Mother nature fuels our kindness

As you have noticed, the rural houses represent that bridge to join nature and be able to enjoy the benefits it offers. Now, through this type of housing we can not only improve our cognition, but also our emotional side. Curiously, coming into contact with the field activates brain areas related to altruism and empathy.

In short, nature activates our human side. On the contrary, in cities, in the midst of the chaos that urban life implies, the amygdala is activated. It is a brain structure that controls anxiety, fear and regulates stress. Therefore, if you live in the city, find a way to get in touch with nature or simply plan to spend a weekend in a rural house .

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