Reasons You Should Choose a Luxury Villa Over a Hotel Room

The travel industry is changing, and so too are mindsets and expectations of the every day traveler. Where the 5 star hotel was once the luxury experience that we all craved, experiences are now edging towards more relaxed vacations where wellness, independence and privacy are prioritized.

So it’s no surprise that luxury villas have become the trend, tempting travelers with offers of exotic locations, private beach access, and personal chefs.

For the traveler eager to avoid crowded swimming pools, expensive food, and the general busyness that a hotel atmosphere brings, here are 5 reasons that should convince you to choose a luxury villa rental for your next trip.

Hotels Can’t Match the Privacy

One of the biggest perks of staying in a luxury villa is the privacy. And it’s offered at a level that even 5 star hotels can’t beat.

When you book to stay in a villa you have a whole property to yourself, for guaranteed peace and serenity.  The exclusivity of your own residence means that there are no obnoxious neighbors, and no other travelers to share your space with.

If you find a villa with a gym, you can sweat without anyone looking; villa’s are so private that you can swim naked if that’s your thing!

Hotels Can’t Match the Rates!

One of the biggest misconceptions about luxury travel is the assumption that hotels offer the best rates. But if you’re traveling with a group of people, or booking an extended stay, you’ll probably find that few hotels can compete with the value of money you get from renting a luxury villa.

Whether you’re looking for two bedrooms or twelve, the room rates are often more affordable than a 5-star hotel. And with self contained facilities, like a full kitchen, laundry, and other amenities like a swimming pool and gym, you’ll also save significantly on expensive charges for food, drink, and activities.

Depending on the size of your family or group, a villa could cost as little as $100 per person or couple per night. And that’s for an exclusive property, often with a private pool, beach access, and separate pavilions. Try finding a luxury hotel for the same value!

Incredible Locations

A definite perk of booking a luxury villa is ensuring an incredible location. There are beachfront properties, stunning seascapes, and incredible jungle escapes.

And nothing beats the perfection of having the location to yourself, without the crowds. Villas often offer more secluded locations than hotels, a comfortable distance away from the tourist trail. And as an individual property, they are able to secure more exclusive locations, whether that be on a beachfront, or the edge of a cliff.

Of course hotels offer scenic locations too, though the hectic atmosphere can dampen the most pleasant of views.

Reasons to stay in a villa over a hotel.

Villa Baan Arun, Koh Samui. Photo courtesy of Eats & Retreats.

You’ve Never Had So Much Space

When you jump between hotels you’re often moving from one room to the next. But villas have an intrinsic sense of space, which may even be more than you’re used to at home!

Think open kitchens, grand living rooms, and professionally designed outdoor pavilions. “Antique and reclaimed wood furniture, elegant interiors with collectible paintings, tropical gardens with day beds, balconies facing the beach, and spacious bathrooms with baths overlooking nature.” Some even come with cinema rooms.

Ultimately, villas offer more space per dollar you pay. While you might enjoy a spacious suite at a 5 star hotel, villas are far more than hotel counterparts, not only in terms of interiors but also extending outdoors.

A Totally Personalized Stay

Staying in luxury villa means being able to travel to your own beat. There is a level of personalisation with this experience that hotels just can’t match. Essentially, you have your own private hotel, and you can customize your experience entirely to your tastes.

Looking to work out? Find a villa with a state of the art gym. Traveling to unwind? Choose a secluded location with an en-suite spa. Booking a family trip? Choose something with bunk beds, game rooms and a cinema.

As a guest at a private property, you enjoy the freedom to set your own schedule. You don’t have to worry about what time breakfast finishes, or what time the pool opens, everything is on your time.

And then there’s the food. Once you’ve eaten at a hotel for a couple of days, you’ll notice that the food becomes repetitive. But when you book a private villa you can whip up your own feast, enjoy your meals in a new setting every day, or have a local chef peronalize a menu to your exact needs.

This is particularly beneficial for picky eaters or those who travel with dietary requirements; you can eat whenever you want, and control exactly how the food is prepared.

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