What should I take to the rural house this summer?

Summer is coming and it is time to gather the things to take to the rural house to spend a few days away from the daily routine. But how to know what to bring and what can be left over on a trip of a few days to the rural house. If this is going to be your first trip or you have already forgotten how to do it, we will tell you the important things you have to gather.

As we know that the rural house is not the same as the house where we spend every day of the year, we think it is important to remind you that it is all the important things that you have to put in your suitcase. We want the rural getaway to be perfect. Even more so if this summer trip is with children . You can’t leave anything, because once there you will miss it.

The basics of a rural getaway

When you hear that the time to go to the rural house is approaching, the first thing you think about is packing your trekking boots, tracksuit, fleece, etc. But it is much more than that. You have to take more things into account. Which is it? Are!

1. The weather . Not all rural houses are in the mountains nor do they all have a swimming pool. It is very important that you know in advance what temperature there will be so that you do not have any surprises. Keep time in mind!

2. The clothes . The choice of clothing should be made according to the climate you are going to face, stop packing unnecessary things “in case I need them” whatever you are not sure if you are going to need or not, you will surely not need it on the trip, go with necessary. Also keep in mind what you are going to do: It is not only worth wearing “summer clothes” if you are going to the heat… And there is a pool!

3. Compact suitcases. They will allow you to carry less and bother you less. Some advices? Roll your clothes into tubes, as they wrinkle less and take up less space. You can put the shoes in a shower cap.

4. Accessories according to time . A travel toothpaste or a normal one? Well, everything will depend on how long you stay. Also other belongings such as the hair dryer or the portable refrigerator.

5. Travel with children . If you go with children, don’t forget to bring their main toys, pacifiers if they are very small, and their special foods if they still eat something different from the adult menu. Preferably you have to equip yourself with the usual food from home because they feel the change very abruptly when they change the food without prior adaptation.

6. Flashlight. Whether you bring children or not, you have to include a flashlight, if you bring children you can bring one for him so he doesn’t get scared in the middle of the night and if you go alone… You never know what can happen!

7. Backpacks. Carry objects to put things like backpacks and bags. This way, if you go on an excursion, it will be much more practical for you to move around and take souvenirs and other objects you find.

8. First aid kit. With the essentials for any emergency, for fever, for cuts and bruises, alcohol, ibuprofen, thermometer, cream for mosquitoes, cream for the sun and you cannot leave out everyone’s medical papers so in case of emergency you can enjoy medical services.

Have a good trip!

Text taken from: https://www.zonasrurales.com