7 Tips for an exciting vacation in the Tourism Village.

This time, we give you some tips to travel in tourism village. It’s important to know this tips before travelling to tourism village, this tips is not just applicable in tourism village but These tips apply in all tourist attractions.

  1. Look for information.

Tourism village has many interesting events. Ranging from resident parties, to cultural events that are viscous with ceremonial. For the event, visitors have to use decent costume. So the visitors won’t use wrong costume, it’s wise to research on the village you travel before you depart, so you know what event they held in their village.

  2. Make sure your vehicle in a good condition.

We suggest you to re-check the vehicle before leaving. This is one of the preparations for passing the steep road route to the village.

  3. Look and observe the weather.

We suggest to travel in the right season. If you already know the season when you travel, then you will easily to prepare important needs when you are in the destination.

  4. Keep the village clean.

As a responsible visitors, always keep it clean. Do not litter, for the sake of the preservation of tourism villages that are rarely found. Bring your own trash bag or put your garbage in the bag.

  5. Don’t ruin or damaging the village property.

Another thing that visitors need to pay attention is to not ruin or damaging every property that is already in the village, Don’t scribble the walls, also don’t pick up any plants or flower, and Don’t touch or contaminate the objects on the display. Take care the village like your own hometown. If you want to take pictures, do it from a far distance.

  6. Respect the regulations that apply in the village.

Every place has it’s rules that must be obeyed by residents and visitors who travels. Likewise the tourism village, the place has regulations that must be obeyed, especially to visitors. For that, do not hesitate to ask about regulations, whether written or not. After that, respect by obey the regulations. Although the village is free to visit.

  7. Be friendly to villagers.

Although there is adage saying “Guest is king”, this does not mean that you are free to act as you like or act arrogantly towards villagers. It’s wise to be friendly and smile to the people around you. Remember, however you are in someone else’s hometown. Friendly to the surrounding villagers becomes an obligation or as a sign of respect.

Text taken from: https://godestinationvillage.com