What to see in Gran Canaria: places that cannot be missed

Each year the island of Gran Canaria attracts over four million visitors eager to enjoy its striking nature, explore its over 60 kilometres of beaches, do sports and savour its delicious gastronomy made using local produce. In this corner of the Canary Islands, alongside the islands of TenerifeLanzarote and Fuerteventura, all kinds of visitors are welcome, from couples to groups of friends and families, with everyone finding activities suitable for their tastes and interests.

Gran Canaria is without a doubt an excellent option all year round, thanks to its warm climate, which means you can make the most of all the seasons as if on one permanent holiday.

Read on to find out about the places and activities that we think cannot be missed in Gran Canaria due to their historical and natural importance and the enjoyment they offer.


In Gran Canaria cities sit alongside towns and villages with different characteristics depending on their location. Explore the capital and lose yourself in the most beautiful towns and villages in the interior or on the coast, which are sometimes situated in unlikely places where many foreigners decide to stay for good.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: the island’s proud capital

The capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, proudly lays claim to being the most cosmopolitan place on the island, a dynamic city where you can enjoy picturesque spots, excellent restaurants and beautiful beaches.

Some must-visit places in Las Palmas include La Luz castle, the Holy Cathedral-Basilica of Santa Ana (known as the cathedral of the Canary Islands) and Vegueta market. Culture lovers should make note of the Casa de Colón, an institution where the history of the Canary Islands and its relationship with the Discovery is studied, as well as the Alfredo Kraus auditorium, a modern venue that hosts major international events.

Time should also be set aside for some shopping on Calle Mayor de Triana, which is not only a shopping street but also a charming thoroughfare, and a visit to Las Canteras beach, the most important urban beach in the Canary Islands.

las palmas de gran canaria

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Teror and its Virgen de los Pinos

Just 20 kilometres from the capital is Teror, a town devoted to the Virgen de los Pinos (Virgin of the Pines), which receives thousands of pilgrims each year. Walking along its streets lined with colourful houses with pretty wooden balconies dating from the fifteenth-century is a true delight for visitors. If you are familiar with its name, you shouldn’t be surprised, as its reputation precedes it due to the bottled water Aguas de Teror.

Visits to town to discover the basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pino, the Cistercian monastery, the Episcopal palace and its squares and fountains should be combined with an excursion to Doramas Natural Park, which features the impressive Azuaje and Moya ravines.

And don’t forget that if your visit falls on a Sunday, a market takes place in the morning, where you can pick up handicrafts and fresh local produce.

teror gran canaria

Teror. Gran Canaria.

Agaete, a picturesque town

The charm of the town of Agaete, just 30 kilometres from Las Palmas, lies not only in its historical quarter made up of white houses, or in its interesting past, traces of which can be seen in Maipés cemetery, but also in the welcoming locals, who always offer friendly conversation and a smile to visitors.

On a stroll through Agaete you can discover places such as La Concepción church, the La Rama Ethnographic Museum, and the charming Huerto de las Flores garden. But we also recommend leaving the town centre for a swim in the natural pools of Salinas de Agaete, which even has a bar and a wide range of facilities.

agaete gran canaria

Agaete. Gran Canaria.

Arguineguín, the loveliest town

This traditional fishing town, which belongs to the municipality of Mogán, is situated in the south of Gran CanariaArguineguín, regarded as one of the loveliest towns on the island, offers travellers a complete experience with a charming historical quarter, a port where you can watch seafarers or take a boat trip, a colourful market and beautiful beaches.

Although it is hard to fit in everything on a day trip, be sure to set aside time to sample the traditional cuisine served in its restaurants.

gran canaria arguineguin

Arguineguín. Gran Canaria.

Puerto de Mogán, the most photogenic

Puerto de Mogán is situated in the municipality of Mogán and somewhere your camera will not be able to resist. The old white fisherman houses covered in bougainvillea, the colourful shutters, the small canals that link the marina and the fishing port… Everything is a true delight.

Soak up the tradition by strolling along the quayside while the fishermen repair their nets, go whale watching or sit on a terrace on the seaside promenade and do absolutely nothing, because sometimes contemplation is the best activity in places as beautiful as this.

puerto del mogan gran canaria

Puerto de Mogán. Gran Canaria.

Arucas, the rum capital

If you had to choose just two reasons to visit Arucas, they would be a visit to San Juan Bautista church and a stroll through the birthplace of Arehucas rum, the most famous rum in the Canary Islands. The former, also known as Arucas cathedral, is surprising in terms of its architecture and size for a town of just 35,000 inhabitants. Although it was built on the site of an old hermitage, the neo-Gothic building that stands today, completed in 1977, is in no way similar to the previous construction.

Our second reason for visiting Arucas is quite different but just as valid, since the town was also the birthplace of the oldest rum cellar in Europe, linked undoubtedly to sugarcane cultivation in this part of Gran Canaria.

arucas gran canaria

Arucas. Gran Canaria.

Telde, past and present

If you think the town of Telde is steeped in history, wait until you visit the surrounding area. Although the order in which you visit is up to you, be sure to walk through the San Juan neighbourhood, where the town was founded, featuring the beautiful church of San Juan, and the San Francisco neighbourhood, whose narrow streets hold surprises around every corner. And before enjoying everything its 10 kilometres of coastline have to offer, and the image of boats bobbing along in the water, make sure you visit astonishing sites such as Cendro, Tara, El Baladero, Tufia and the Montaña de las Cuatro Puertas (caves which were once inhabited by indigenous people).

telde gran canaria

Plaza San Juan. Telde. Gran Canaria.

Text taken from: https://www.barcelo.com

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